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Author Topic:   Help on 1/4 mile paved track
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posted November 23, 2003 01:10 PM  
We run a hobby stock with weights on 3/8 mile dirt tracks. This coming weekend we are going to run a 1/4 mile paved track without weights and all tires must be matching. What size offsets do you suggest using as well as tire pressures. We normally run 15 lbs LF, 22 lbs RF, 22 LR, and 24 RR on the dirt tracks. Any suggestions will be helpful as we've never ran on a paved track!

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posted November 24, 2003 06:44 PM  
When on pavement you aren't seeking "sidebite" What you want to do is to raise you tire pressures dramaticly. You didn't say what tire you planned to run, but you are never wanting to loose any traction whatsoever. Brake early and roll thru the corner.Eaze on the throttle.much like a dry slick exit. I ran pavement for years before I realized the dirt guys were having more fun!


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