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Author Topic:   teching powerglide lockup tranny
Dirt Maniac

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posted August 05, 2003 10:46 PM  
Ok here is the question I have. Locally here in southern Wisconsin the biggest and best cheater piece/part going is a Powerglide transmission that is supposed to lock up at about 2300 rpms (a free 30 ponies). Yet at idle the motor is obviously below 2300 rpms so putting it in gear and holding the brakes doesn't make the engine stall. The question is how should the local tech guys find this beast? It has the local techs at 2 tracks stumped. They know they are there and being used....BUT.....can't figure out HOW to DQ them for having them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Check the convertors. The tranny u speak of uses a direct drive instead of an actual convertor. Some totally replace the convertor with a hunk of steel that bolts to the flexplate and drive the front pump. There is a 'hollow' convertor also which will a little harder to spot. Adding a mandate for a drain plug in all convertors and checking them will catch any direct drives.


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