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Author Topic:   Clean Sheet
Dirt Maniac

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posted March 09, 2002 04:41 PM  
If you were given the chance to build a new track from scratch what would be the most important features to remember?
1:what foundations & to what depth?
2:drainage system?
3:what makes the best racing surface (doesn't dust up too bad)?
4:fence type/layout & what design on/off gates?
5 it facilities?
6:spectator facilities?
7:sound system?
8:lap scoring system?
Plus any other useful ideas are welcome.
This may seem like a list of questions that lead nowhere but i know a guy over here in the UK who is looking to build a new track & he would appreciate any advise in making a very good track on paper into a great one in reality!
Thanks, Marty.

Dirt Freak

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posted March 09, 2002 08:56 PM  
marty,my ideas are very simple, race imca mods,street stocks, don't want to see 5 classes that look the really WELL!pay each class the same.say,a 1000 to would have 50 streets,and ponys.treat them the same primadonnas!handicap the races,the guy who has the best finshes for the last 3 weeks,is the last car before the consi cars.if the fast guys are REALLY fast they will get to the front.and on the right night the little guy might just win one.keep the races short,25-35 laps,same amount for everyone.time limits!no program should run over 3 hours.start on time,when one race leaves the track,the next one should be on the track license!does barry bonds pay to get into the ballpark?why then are you charging the drivers?all right now you have the cars,good ,fast racing program.the MEN will now start to fill the stands.give a guy a seat,a cold brew,and a tree to pee behind and he's happy.after a few saturday nights his girl is going to want to see what all the hub bubs about.she will NOT pee behind a tree!clean,well stocked,plentiful bathrooms are required.2 womans for every 1 mens room.woman spend longer in the bathroom.(and no i don't know why).give a comfy seat and some good food,and she will enjoy the very least she will understand her man better.the food doesn't have to be cheap!just pretty soon some of these couples are going to tie the knot.have a couple little ones,and whats a better sat.night than at the races?so have a "family package"25 bucks gets the family unit in with a program,and something for the kiddes,crayons,a balloon,anything to keep them occupied during the races.pretty soon jr.grows and starts going to track with his buddies(its all he's ever done on sat. nights)then he meets a girl,she wants to see what the hub bubs about.its a cycle.creating your own cust.its not that for the racing surface.real clay stepped banking,less on the bottom,more on the top= 2or 3 grooves.double file restarts till half way.a good starter.keep the pits on the OUTSIDE of the speedway.the fans pay the bills,so let them see the backchute.put them behind the stands so the fans can watch the action,a flat tire on a short track is exciting.i could just keep going but i'll shut up.for now

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted March 19, 2002 07:28 PM  
Your ideas are simple...LOL, just kidding. I agree 110%

Dirt Maniac

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posted March 22, 2002 05:05 PM  
Thanks for the advice te33 i have taken note. I would also really like to know the basics about the structure of creating the track/fence/pits themselves.

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted March 23, 2002 07:48 AM  
Between Knoxville and Johnson City Tn., in plain view of I-81 sits a sweet 3/8 mi clay oval. Its got a nice cement retaining wall both inside and outside, loads of fan and pit parking, decent restrooms and concessions on the grandstand side, and a hill.
Once you leave the interstate you wind thru backroads for about 10 minutes and turn up the entrance to the track. You drive up a grade for about a quarter mile and reach the summit-----catch your breath and start down that gravel road---wishing you'd paid more attention to the trailer brakes! The incline has been "washboarded" fron traffic so the steering wheel only "helps" you navigate down. At the bottom is sign in and you've got a few hours to race and relax before you start worrying about pulling the rig back up the "hill".
That track is built on natural clay. It's "high banked" by most standards---but could be banked every bit as much as Tazwell or the Gap. But it's failed under 3-4 different promoters. Get some access off the interstate and avoid the hill and I think the right promoter could close the gates at Atomic,Volunteer, and even draw fans from as far north as Whythville! But that would take balls and bucks-----big on both!
The moral to my story is this------make your facility accessable! Fans don't want to think "front end allignment" when they are driving in for a night of fun! Teams don't much like wrecking on the track---but on the way to or from----yuck!


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