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Author Topic:   Packing the track
Dirt Full Roller

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posted February 05, 2002 11:34 PM  
One problem that I have with rolling the track in is some tracks put too many cars out there at one time! One nite last season at a track here in Oklahoma, we spent 30minutes packing the track in and after the 3rd heat it looked like we never tried it. The tow trucks spent more time fishing people out of the mud hole at the bottom of the track then they did towing off wrecked cars the whole nite! I feel that if they would just pick like 10 or 15 cars to run the track in at a decent speed you would get a whole lot more accomplished than you would with 25 or 30 cars running nose to tail. With fewer cars you would not have to worry about sliding down the bank cause some ya-hoo is s-crewing around. Just my opinion, and I feel MUCH better now!! Thanks


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