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Author Topic:   tire rules at other tracks
Dirt Full Roller

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posted January 27, 2002 06:24 PM  
I need some input as to what other tracks do for tire rules.Do you have to buy them from one person to collect points money at the end of the year? Can you grove them? please let me know.

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted January 28, 2002 01:06 AM  
we run imca rules and imca tires they do not have to come from any certin place or have to be branded with the track name just imca's if they tried to pull crap like that around here they would be told where to stick it nothing i hate more then a promoter that thinks he can make a living promoting buy making you buy his parts and fuel we have a guy that sells parts and fuel at the track but you don't have to run it if you don't want to as for what we can do with the tire there is to be no altering what so ever


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