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Author Topic:   Track Promotions
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posted August 19, 2001 04:18 PM  
Our track does some promotions through their website. Unfortunately the site has been down for 4 weeks. They like so many other tracks are not taking the internet promotions seriously. Maybe it is better to not promote at all if they are going to stop updates mid season. I hope that this type thing isn't wide spread,it sends a bad message to those that rely on the net for info.
I have a theory of why some tracks won't send you the results to be posted. There are alot of message boards and forums out there and a great number of them are guily of poor taste and bashing. If a track were to give the results to one of the "bad" forums and they were posted then alot of people would assume there were some association between the two. Thus negative comments on the forum could have a impact on what people think of the track. I guess what I'm saying is that the tracks fear of bad publicity is strong enough to keep them away from promotions that they have little or no control over.
There is a solution. The Dirt Forum has broken the mold and shown that there can be a positive outlet for positive promotion on a forum. You just need to keep doing over and over what you have already done. In time the tracks will see that this forum is different and they will send their results.
The only other thing I can think of is what if you had at least one (or more) people at every track that could contact the management in person and explain what The Dirt Forum is and show them how to access it. This person(or persons) could also drum up support for the forum by making contact with others at the track. Sort of like a saleperson or a representative
These are just some of my thoughts. For the record I support The Dirt Forum and wish only for good things to happen to it. Hang in there

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posted August 19, 2001 10:26 PM  
Jammin, How about drawing up an "about" page that could be accessed on the entrance page. This would allow all to see what the "mission" of The Dirt Forum is before they register. I'm sure that some turn away at the entrance page because they can't see the difference between this and other forums without registering and coming inside.
Also, would it be possible to put together some kind of promotional package or perhaps I should call it an instructional package that would have instructions, suggestions and guidelines? This "package" could be given to indiviuals or groups that would be willing to help promote The Dirt Forum at their track. I think alot of guys would help if shown how.......I would. DR4u2

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posted August 20, 2001 07:17 PM  
That is a good idea. I don't know why any track owner would not promote. For years the only way to promote a track was a t.v. commercial,a newspaper add, or billboard. That covers only local areas. The dirt forum is world wide. Any track owner who doesn't believe this I challenge to raise their purse 1000$ dollars and advertise it on the web. If you don't have a lot more cars or a lot more people then don't use the dirt forum. I think you will be surprised, however, at the turnout you will get.

I believe that unless you are one of those backwood owners who just wants to see the cars "go fast and wreck" the web is a must now days for success!

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posted September 27, 2001 04:35 AM  
Some newspapers won't run local race track results if the track does'nt put race ads in the paper.When my wife was a track photographer,she was told by local papers that they would'nt run pictures of "out of town"racers who won the race,they would rather run a picture of a local driver even if they ran last.

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posted November 14, 2001 07:46 AM  
This is too true. Often times local papers view race tracks purely under the guise of entertaiment rather than a sporting event. They'd rather have full coverage of the JV Volleyball team at the local high school than the dirt track.

I believe that they balk at the prospect of providing what they figure to be free advertisement for the promoter. If I want coverage in the my local paper, I have to write the article, submit my own pictures, and cross my fingers that they actually use the material. Then, every year race fans will ask the newspaper or the track why there isn't more coverage...The paper will reply that they get no info from the track.

Anyway, this is one area where the racers can make a difference. Write letter(s) to your local paper and ask them why they can't do more regular coverage of local racing. Maybe if they get enough pressure, they'll break the junior high cross country running team reporter away from his demanding assignment and cover our sport.

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posted November 16, 2001 04:12 PM  
A local asphalt has started doing a better job in promotions(New owners). The first ting they started doing was filling up the stands. They did this by giving out free passes to those that came to the track. They went through the stands and handed them out to you. They gave two three out and asked you to come back with a friend etc.. They also up the age for kids getting in the free from 6 yrs to 10yrs old. Any kid will eat their weight in concessions. They went out to local business that have a natural connection with autoracing and sold advertising at an affordable price. The track have various packages that the business could chose from. Track had a package fro any business. One I thought was good was the package that gave out complimentary passes with the business name on the for the business to give out for their customers. This gives the business a actual product that they can see benefits from.
As far as local news coverage. I have the same problem as the guys above. Tired of reading about the local ball team etc... Knowing that the paper respond to things that would increase their circulation asked if they would like to corner the market on a story. The reporter was interested. Told him about the track and the general go on at the track etc... I knew that would not be enough for him to continue with the story after the finial one. I asked him to meet me at the track and I would give him a ride and let him drive my car as part of the story. He agreed. I gave him a ride around during packing the track (Got permission from track owner before hand - he was happy to help to promote the track). He thought this something. I gave him my helmet and said take it out for a spin. (again track owner and I had pre planned this). I thought this guy would strain his face from all the smiling he was doing. Needless to say that we had something in the paper every week from then on until he left to work another paper out of state. I would call in the results in or the track would if the report could not make it and it would get in the paper somewhere.
Another strategy is to look in the paper and see who advertises as far as local business etc... and if they are also advertising with the track on the winner circle board. Call them and ask if they would call the paper and put pressure on the paper to cover the event so their advertising could have a wider affect etc... paper lives off the advertisers so their word is heard if any is heard.
I also hate to see when tracks don't advertise with the paper. I wouldn't expect the paper to cover the event if they don't know about it.

I could go on and on.

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posted November 18, 2001 11:01 AM  
Bad news,the Louisville{Ky}motor speedway announced on 11-20-01,that they are closing down,and the track property is better suited for an industrial park.I know this is a dirt forum,but the loss of a track is bad news,even if it's blacktop,but the owner got what he wanted,which was the Craftsman truck race for his other track,the1 1/2 mi Kentucky speedway..


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