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Author Topic:   Just an Opinion
Dirt Freak

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posted June 23, 2001 11:17 PM  
Ya know, I've been in and out of this racing game in Central Texas for some thirty or more years, not always the best or sometimes not ever close to good.

The track we have here has been run by the same person for almost that long. The improvements to the track for the most part are good, decent restrooms,,decent clean concession stands,,a good size pit area,,only fair bleachers,,.

The problems we have here are most likley the same as other parts of the country. A track that is not consistent (sloppy wet and rough as heck one week,,,powder dry and slick the next),,calls from the officals (or lack of)that really need to be addressed,,and to many classes each night.

It seems to me that 5 classes would be plenty (instead of 7 or 8)but the idea is more thru the pit gate and to heck with the grandstands.

Also a little more consistent track work insteat of a lick and a promise and it will be OK mentality.

A racer has always wanted to know where he stands and if he knows if he uses a bumper too much,,causes to many cautions,,gets out of his car to coverse with another driver after an altercation and so on that he will recieve the BLACK FLAG. No questions and no discussion. Some are afraid that they will loose a car and the pit funds that the car generates (sometimes that might be good).

As I said eairler this is just my opinion, not trying to make anyone mad. There will never be an ideal track or conditions or calls, but I would like to see a little more consistency.

The Peddler.

Dirt Administrator

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posted June 23, 2001 11:44 PM  
Not arguing your point but been there and done that. When promoters don't listen,,,don't agree to discuss,,,don't accept suggestions and are the only game in town,,,,,,THEN What?
You either quit racing or drag out of town a hundred miles or better or you do like us and live with it and gripe about it. It don't do any good but it makes us feel better (HE HE).

Thanks for the reply.
The Peddler

Dirt Administrator

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posted June 24, 2001 04:54 PM  
jammin, You make a very valid point. We, as racers need to contribute to help tracks in other ways than just pit fees at the back gate. Sometimes , input can be offered as food for thought, and perhaps bring a good change. Promotors are businessmen too, while they may have a genuine love for this sport, they stil have to make it profitable as well, or the track closes and no one wins. Too often, our suggestions are made in the heat of anger or disappointment and fall upon ears already burning and covering a mind unreceptive at that moment. Well thought out suggestions may meet with a more open mind. Just a thought.

Dirt Administrator

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posted June 27, 2001 03:31 PM  
I agree wheels....if you are able to make it out and make some suggestions during the week or show track officials or management something, then things wont have to be displayed during the weekend at the wrong time. It also familiarizes the track owners/officials with the things that are going on that next weekend without making waves in the pits. I just think it is something that all of us should contribute to our favorite tracks for the sake of making our tracks a little better. If everyone did this, just imagine, how much better things would be.



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