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Author Topic:   The optimum size of a dirt track?
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posted June 21, 2001 04:53 PM  
Originally posted by jammin:
What do you think is the best size that a new business person that is building a race track would be?

A little under 3/8. Insurance not so high, most gears could work. I love the high banks, but they don't hold moisture, thus they get dusty, no fans, no money! Match other tracks if you think you'll run on a different night. I got more thoughts but will wait to see if anyone disagrees.
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I like a wide banked 3/8ths with plenty of room for multiple grooves. You can achieve enough speed to be exciting but not so much that you risk totaling the car if you get tagged.

I think it depends on the area of the country that you are in as well. Keeping the tracks similar in size for a given area makes good sense because racers dont have to buy and change gears so often.

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posted June 22, 2001 10:41 AM  
I like racing a 3/8th's or bigger, but if I was gonna make a new track I'd do a 1/3. Same reasons as above: Cheaper insurance, gearing, a little more appeal to the guys that don't like banging it out on a 1/4 mile bullring.

And, you gotta figure you may struggle a bit with car counts at first. Ten cars look a lot better to fans on a 1/3 mile track than on a 1/2 mile or big 3/8th's. I'd make it wide and shoot for multiple grooves (who wouldn't want that?), but remember track prep is a little easier with a shorter track.

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posted June 23, 2001 03:44 PM  
If I owned a track I would build a large wide quarter. I wouldn't put a whole lot of bank in it either.I would do the same for a dirt or asphalt track. My reasons for this are car count. Any time you build a track where there are high speeds and more engine is needed then car count seems to drop in the middle of the season. Once some guys start losing engines or hitting the walls on the faster tracks they can't afford to come back, this is esecially true in the beginner classes. Some of the best racing I have watched has been on quarter mile tracks.

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posted July 01, 2001 12:31 PM  
I have to agree. 3/8 keeps the motor and crash costs down and they're alot of fun. I enjoy a half mile better than a 1/4 mile but it's a bit riskier.

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posted July 10, 2001 10:33 PM  
3/8 here


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