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Author Topic:   Radiator Spayer Timing Circuit
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posted January 16, 2005 04:08 PM  
I'm sure most of us racers have had their share of overheating problems. After the usual fixes such as using an efficient fan shroud and front airbox, the common and quick fix is to use a radiator sprayer to cool the engine. The problem I have encountered with this is that I tend to run out of water when I most need it. Waiting for a caution or the end of the race to pump the water doesn't help when you need it during the race. To make it last during a typical 20 lap main, I've reduced the volume of water sprayed, but then it doesn't cool very well. More volume works, but then it's next to impossible to cycle the pump during the race to make the water last.

Last season, I developed a timing circuit that cycles the pump on and off which allowed just the right amount of water to do its thing. Plus, it lasted the entire race.

I plan on doing a small manufacturing run of these timers. I would appreciate it that if anybody would be interested in using this setup would kindly respond. I could have an idea how many to produce.

I calculate that this timer would run about $30.00. It would be a small and rugged waterproof box the size of a pack of cigarettes with a simple 6-wire hook up. A dash mounted switch will select either continuous or intermittant (timed) operation. You can select either a 30 or 70 percent duty cycle, (on 10 seconds, off 25 seconds or, on 25 seconds, off 10 seconds). Another two wires would add an optional light to indicate when the system is pumping. It would be fail-safe, meaning if the timing circuit were to fail, the pump could still be operated as normal, bypassing the box. If you use a pressurized water container, it can operate an optional solenoid in addition to the water valve, which would be left open during use.

Tell me what you guys think.


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posted January 29, 2005 08:49 PM  
i have had heating problems but found the right way to fix things I would try to find the problem and fix it find the problem not a temporley fix long run alot cheaper

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