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Author Topic:   tubing bending software
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posted October 04, 2004 10:14 PM  
Just purchased an ez bend 90. The bender works great, but I am really having trouble, figuring my bends. I am trying to bend a 4 bend hoop. 2 20deg and 2 70deg bends. I've used the bend it software that came with the bender and just can't get the thing to come out right. Is there a better program that is affordable, or a website that may give some help?????

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posted October 05, 2004 07:46 AM  
Can't help you on software.Sometimes it's better to forget hightech and get back to basics.Get yourself a large piece of cardboard[local bodyshop]and draw out the piece you are trying to make fullsize.This will allow you to correctly figure your bend centers and angles.Once you do a few pieces this way you'll get the hang of it .Saves a lot of pipe$$$$.
Did this Years ago,helped a friend build a street stock.Only bender was a guy 15 miles away.made all our patterns took them to him,he bent it we brought it all home and welded it up.everything fit except for one piece.GOOD LUCK.

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posted October 05, 2004 09:17 AM  
I have a pro tool bender now for 5 years. ever machine bends differantly, you need to practice with it. use muffler tubing or conduit, its much cheeper. divide your die radius in half(6" rad. - .5 = 3") subtact (3) your answer from your length and start your bend there. this is a good starting point, and adjust from there if needed.

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posted October 05, 2004 09:18 AM  
Mittler Bro's has a bend program that is pretty good for streetstock type cars......It has bend "templates" that you enter your demensions in and it gives you the length of tube,angles, and bend start points.......

It works well.......PROVIDED that there is a template for what you want to bend.....if there is no template, you are still left to figure it out.......

I've heard good things about the Bend-Tech program they sell on e-bay.......But, I have not personally used it.....

OK.......One problem some people new to bending run into is that thier degree wheel is not set properly for the material that they are bending.....For example, they bend the tube to 20 degrees........but it does not account for the "spring back" in the, they think they bent it 20 degrees and the piece of tube is actually bent at 16........

If you are bending using an angle finder,........bend a s**** piece, (one single bend) to 20.......then take it out and find out what it actually learn how much further you need to bend to end up with 20 when you are done......

And of course, you have more "spring back" at 90 degrees than 20........

If you still have problems and want some help, you can send a PM with your dememsions and I will figure the hoop for you.

Does your bender have a "start of bend" mark?? I remember a guy some time ago who had a bender,(don't remember which one) did not clearly mark the start of bend his problem was inconsistant start points.......He could not bend anything to the program simply becuse he didn't know where to start.......Put on a start of bend mark for him and problem solved.......

Good Luck

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