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Author Topic:   snap-on welder
jammin james
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posted February 26, 2004 01:43 PM  
just got a fm140a welder (used) just wondering if anyone can give me any info on the unit as in wire speed/heat range for different thicknesses and any info on the switch at the bottom that says something like spot/cont/stich/something any info is greatly appreciated .seems to be a real nice piece specialy considering it was a FREEBIE!!!

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posted February 26, 2004 03:02 PM  
i'm not familiar with that particular welder, but the switch (spot/stitch/cont) is for your weld or delay time.
spot: this is so you can move the hand piece at a continual speed with the trigger depressed and the wire will feed (connecting the power circuit) for a second or 2 and then stop, before beginning again for a second or 2 and stopping.... this is good for panel work or tacking work. if you can keep your hand steady and the gun moving at an even pace you will end up with a nice series of small spot welds (tacks) spaced relatively evenly.
stitch: will be basically the same only the wire will feed for a longer duration or at shorter intervals. giving you a weld usually an inch or so long and a series of them evenly spaced if you kan keep the gun moving at a steady speed. this is usually used for sheet metal work or large area welding is required if you don't need a continuous weld or need to minimize heat transfer to avoid distortion.
continuous: pretty much speeks for itself, the wire(and current) will continually feed as long as the trigger is depressed, so your trigger finger controls the weld - you can still spot or stitch weld by using the trigger. this is much easier and you will use it the most.
the spot and stitch settings take some practice to get used to, and if your going to use these often, its worth while getting a auto lens welding helmet.
some welders will also have a time adjustment on them so you can fine tune the delay time between spot/stiches.
hope this helps.

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