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Author Topic:   snap on 1/2" cordless impact
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posted February 25, 2004 02:59 PM  
I was thinking of buying the 18 volt snap on 1/2" cordless impact to change tires at the track. Has anyone used one of these for this type of work? I am afraid it may not have enough nuts to change tires. Of course the dealer says it will twist lugnuts all day, but then he's getting paid to sell it. It's several hundred dollars for the impact/flashlight/case so I am contemplating if its not better to just use the compressor. It would be a whole lot lighter to carry for sure. Thanks......

nate 11
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posted February 25, 2004 04:50 PM  
pricey but worth it.

Dirt Maniac

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posted February 26, 2004 02:47 AM  
Me and some other drivers, all have them. Never had trouble getting lug nuts off.A lot easer than starting an air compresser and draging a air hose around.Mine has more power than my craftman air and electric impacts. Nice to have if you to go out back and take a part off.Well worth the money.

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posted February 26, 2004 08:17 PM  
has to be better than the harbor freight one

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posted February 29, 2004 06:33 AM  
I have one of thise and wouldn't be at the track without it now mac tools has one too bought one of those and I think that it is a little better but you can't go wrong with either one


FearDaPierce 35
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posted March 02, 2004 03:47 PM  
We torque are lugs at 85 foot pounds on our mod and have never had a problem getting them off with the SnapOn impact

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posted March 02, 2004 11:14 PM  
We've got one ,works great.The light's really handy too.An extra battery is a good addition.


Dirt Full Roller

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posted March 07, 2004 12:22 PM  
I have had for about 2 years now. The only problem I have had started in the last few weeks. The battery falls out and sometimes it doesn't get good connection. Other then that I love it would go to the track with out it.

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posted March 09, 2004 12:42 PM  
I used one all the time at a car dealership I used to work at. Worked great all the time, in fact I only had one customer complain about their wheels falling off while driving down the road. j/k, their pricey but they work good.

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posted March 09, 2004 03:04 PM  
Its worth every penny i think.I use mine all the time at the house,I dont have an air compresser,I havnt found anything it wont brake loose yet.

Dirt Maniac

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posted April 23, 2004 02:25 PM  
you need these to make your tire changes even faster be sure to view the movie.

Dirt Freak

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posted May 02, 2004 02:29 PM  
I just bought a Snap-On 18 volt two days ago. High dollar but thank God for the payment program! We charged it up and just for fun we raced against the air gun doing two wheels each. The 18 volt smoked the air gun! It didn't have to "hammer" as much.

Racer X
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posted May 02, 2004 08:59 PM  
I was going too get one of those 18 volt snap-on cordless impacts but..........I spent the money on a killer dinet set..

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posted May 15, 2004 06:59 AM  
racer x you kill me LOL LOL LOL LOL

berger whatkind of air impact did you race against and what was the airpress at

snapon has a ir ti it is bad fast @ 150psi
my cordless don't stand achance against that combo but protibilty cordless wins every time

loose is fast & on the edge of out of control

Dirt Newbie

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posted May 19, 2004 08:09 AM  
We have the 18 volt SnapOn and it out performs all 3 1/2" SnapOn air impacts we have. Especially nice cause one track we run you can't go to your pit but have to change tires down at the staging area. Also nicer without a hose when in a hurry. We absolutely would not be without it.

Dirt Maniac

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posted May 28, 2004 10:35 PM  
We just ordered a cornwell it has a few more features over the snap-on and is a little cheaper cost. I myself like the cornwell stuff a little better, maybe it's just the attitude of the salesman though.

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posted October 28, 2004 08:13 PM  
I have had a SnapOn 18v 1/2" impact for about a year. I would not go to the races without it. We tried changing a bunch of tires to see how many it would change before it ran out of juice. We changed 12 tires, on and off with 5 lugnuts each and it hit just as hard on the last one as it did on the first one. I ran out of juice before the impact did. It is a great investment. (I bought mine off e-bay) you might try that since it's almost at the end of the season and you might have a little time to get one. Either way, it's definitely worth it.

MOD 4s
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posted November 09, 2004 11:55 AM  
i agree with everyone, it is great i even bought the drill, impact has lasted two years with no problems but trigger and clutch in drill went bad in 8 months, good thing for warranty, wont use drill at job anymore just racing..

Dirt Freak

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posted December 29, 2004 12:24 PM  

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posted December 31, 2004 07:19 PM           send a private message to dirtywrench13   Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/QuoteBBBBBB
What do you guys consider a good enough torque for your wheels.

I bought a 14.4 dewalt impact. It took my nuts off that I air impacted on so I was impressed but when I started checking torques I think Im takeing it back.

my air knocks them on at over 150 lbs as tested with a torque wrench.

the cordless with a new battery 120ish. and after 2 wheels on off, its very incosistent ranging from 80-110, on the 3rd wheel.

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted January 01, 2005 11:14 AM  
just use a lug wrench when your done for insurance... although our snap on impact gets them on good and tight... I use mine for everything, makes life a lot easier

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posted January 01, 2005 11:24 AM           send a private message to Xtreme12x   Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/QuoteBBBBBB
How tight and what voltage is your snap on gun?? and how many lugs before it drops off??

1. If you have time torque off 5 on 5 and check with a torque wrench.

2. do this to 3 wheels whats the drop off??

I took back the dewalt 14.4. Ill keep useing my air unless someone has the time to test a snap on for me like above.

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted January 01, 2005 11:44 AM  
We use the snap on all night at the track.. i normally give it a good charge before we leave and take the charger with, it o nly takes about 15 minutes to charge.
I can take off and put on a good 8 wheels before it really starts to wear down. When i bought mine the snap on man gave me a deal on it since it was a display model. I then bought a full set of el cheapo 1/2 drive sockets for the impact and use it on about everything... at the track also includes changing bar angles, putting on weight, taking off weight, checking things before we go on to the track. I'm not real worried about my wheels not being tight... you 'll know by the sound of the impact if there tight and if it starts to wear down just have a crew man quick check them with a lug wrench

Dirt Full Roller

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posted January 08, 2005 08:35 AM  
where do you find the cornwell?

Dirt Roller

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posted January 09, 2005 04:24 PM  
another one to look at is the milw. battery one it's a bit heavy but really does a number!!!! and it's around 300$ and if u have other milw tool 18 volt u have more batteries to use up.

Dirt Freak

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posted January 18, 2005 02:41 PM  
I have the Milwaukee 18v Impact. Works great and the batteries interchange with my hammerdrill and sawsall.

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