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Author Topic:   mig or stick
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posted February 08, 2004 03:43 PM  
what type of welder do you guy's use for welding your roll cage?

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posted February 08, 2004 04:17 PM  

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posted February 09, 2004 07:16 AM  

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posted February 09, 2004 09:02 AM  
I like a mig its easy to use. i know guys that have built cars with stick. but they are really really good with them. the easiest and most versitle is the mig. dont buy a little one, i know a guy that brings his car by to get me to weld up some stuff one time, and they had mig welded it themselves, well they used a little cheap flux core welder, cost like 200 new i think. that stuff was nasty looked like a bird was loose in the shop.
so if you are good with one and want to save money get a stick, but if more than one guy will use it(a crew member) or your not great with a stick, and have the money get a mig.
if you want to go all out get a tig. we have a hobart tig that is supposed to be able to be used as a stick also(have not even taken it out of the box yet). so i dont know how good it will work.

Ego Racing
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posted February 09, 2004 11:48 AM  
A Miller Mig at leat a 175 amp unit is a good choice.It will go up to 1/2 inch steel.
Hobart also is a good unit but the amperage is controled by multi position switch where the Miller is a dial so it has slightly more adjustability. For a beginning welder the Hobart would do anything they want it to do. Get the Tank and use it with solid wire and gas. You must work in a breeze free location or use wind blocks if you must use it outside.
Most important is practice with it alot!!!!!! Weld two peices togeter and then use a sledge hammer and bust it apart and see where it comes apart. It should never break the weld, if it dose, correct the problem and try it again.

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posted February 14, 2004 12:05 PM  
If all you're going to work on is a race car, the mig will do the job. I have all three, mig, tig and stick. They all have their niche, the choice of welder depends on the job at hand.
As was stated before, stay away from the flux core stuff.
Make sure you clean everything of grease, oil and paint: the quality of the weld depends on proper surface prep.The stick with a 6011 rod is a little more forgiving when working with junk, the mig works best with new, clean metal.A can of anti-splatter helps a lot with the surrounding area, just dont put it directly on the weld.Buy a welper tool, keep the stickout right and the tip clean so you get the proper shield gas flow.
As was stated before, practice and test on some s**** before welding on something that will be protecting your rump.Welding is 20% know-how and 80% practice.
Good Luck

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posted March 09, 2004 08:33 PM  
i say use a mig at all times if you are welding on a roll cage. a stick is just as strong as wire but on that short of a run a mig gun burns more in to the metal. if u want your welding to be a 100% buy you a mig,tig, stick multi process miller machine that way you can have your choice. my personal favorite is a mig, and a tig the only thing wit a tig is it has to be extra clean and it takes a lot a lot lot of practice to get it right.................

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