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Author Topic:   What tools do I need ?
Terry Dreyer
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posted January 25, 2004 03:39 PM  
I'm just getting into dirt mod's. What tools do I have to have?

redneck bubbas racing
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posted January 25, 2004 06:50 PM  
If I have to tell ya you wouldn't understand!

Seriously- Think of anything that you may replace/remove/repair at the track. You need tools to do all of this. Your gonna be suprised just how much you carry in with you.

Dirt Freak

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posted January 25, 2004 09:09 PM  
Sears Craftsman Pocket Socket

GO 24
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posted January 26, 2004 11:03 AM  
At home? In the trl? Or both?

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted January 26, 2004 02:25 PM  
welder, scales(or acess to them), angle finder, tape measure, dont use a stagger stick get a flexible stagger tape. grinder with 80 grit disk to grind tires.(the sell coarser but afco and hoosier both say to use 80 only. not like a 45 or lower.
also a shock dyno(just joking)
15/16 and 1 1/8 wrenches and sockets. a bunch of them. for some reason those always grow legs and walk off around mods.
bead brakers are great. i never use mine anymore but they are great(we have a tire machine now).
die grinder is used alot, get a cheap pop rivet gun i have a cheapy and and a good one(the good one cost about 400) and we never use the good one it always jams but the cheapy works great.
also cordless dril for at the track.

Racer X
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posted January 26, 2004 04:30 PM  
A sawzall comes in handy from time to time. An assortment of hammers,some long pry bars.A chop saw is nice to have.A good jack and at least four jack stands,battery charger.I don't know what you already have and what your budget is to buy tools but I would get the tools that I had to have first versus the tools that are just nice too have.(like my 1/2 drive cordless impact that I really didn't need but it's nice to have)

Dirt Full Roller

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posted January 27, 2004 09:59 PM  
I think cordless tools are great. No cords no air hoses easy to use. Makes things alot easier for me when working on the car. Depending on the type of track a big f'n hammer.

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