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Author Topic:   Bead Roller
Dirt Maniac

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posted March 18, 2003 05:14 PM  
Anyone have one of the bead rollers from Harbor Freight or on eBay? Are they worth the money, or just junk? Thanks ..loojack

Middle aged wannabe racer!

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Rick D
Dirt Full Roller

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posted March 18, 2003 05:19 PM  
I have the Harbor freight Bead roller, works great, I use a electric pipe threading machine to turn it,(one man job on small parts) But it works good using only the crank that comes with it (turns into a two guy operation)

Dirt Full Roller

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posted March 18, 2003 09:03 PM  
I agree with rick. I have a harbor freight piece and for the money you can't beat it. It is a two man operation thoe, one to drive and one to stear. I just bought the guide, but haven't tried it yet.

Dirt Freak

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posted March 20, 2003 09:50 AM  
Yep two man deal for sure. It works great. I mounted a steering wheel for a crank and had the driver turn the wheel while I guide it.

Dirt Roller

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posted March 20, 2003 01:19 PM  
I bought a harbor freight one. Worth the money for sure. I motorized it, built a table for it and a guide. Then it's a one man operation. The only bad thing is you only have yourself to blame if you ***** up a panel. haha.

Dirt Maniac

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posted March 20, 2003 06:00 PM  
Thanks guys, anybody have one listed on ebay? Are they the same? ..loojack

Dirt Forum Racer

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posted April 22, 2003 03:21 PM  
Hey guys,
Can you hem-roll wheel well openings or do you need additional dies?

Rick D
Dirt Full Roller

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posted April 23, 2003 12:54 PM  
You need different dies for hem rolls. The Harbor freight unit comes with beads and offset. I think Williams lowbuck or Mittler bros has the one or two step hem roller dies.

Dirt Maniac

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posted April 25, 2003 10:39 PM  
Acually i think that the Pro Tool dies fit the Harbor frieght roller shafts.

Dirt Maniac

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posted May 03, 2003 09:21 AM  
Bead roller update. Like everything else I've gotten from Harbor Freight...POS!. The allen head set s***ws that adjust the clearence are SOFT! I stripped(should that be st*****d?) the head on one using the 2" hex key they send with the kit. I guess I'll go to the hardward store to replace all the bolts and set s****s. I've seen alot of guys ask about tools and other stuff from Harbor Freight, and i've kept my mouth shut because this forum is NOT negitive, and I respect that! IMHO don't waste your hard earned money! Other have said they've had good luck with their tools, I believe them and am happy for them. But, stripping (sorry st******g) a set ***** (sorry again sc**w)with a 2" hex key??? I going to get off my soap box and go back to the shop now,
as you can tell by the date I'm probably going to miss opening night. Thanks,..loojack

Dirt Forum Racer

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posted May 04, 2003 12:39 PM  
I think the key thing at Harbor Freight is to try and look things over. (I have a store an hour away and frequently travel to two other cities with stores.) I have gotten some nice items that were really a good deal for the cost. The car skates for $39 a pair come to mind right away. I've also bought air tools, air hoses and a hose reel, all good values. (bear in mind that there aren't a lot of companies that make this stuff, so a lot of it gets "labeled" and sold at different places.) However, I too have been stung- the seal puller that snapped in two, the air regulator that won't adjust, etc.
A couple of weeks ago, I took a chance and bought a 9.6V cordless drill from them. Why? Because it was on sale for $10! I figured if it ran at all it was worth 10 bucks and I am actually pleasantly surprised by it's performance.
Bottom line- Know what you're buying....

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