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Author Topic:   parts washer heater?
Dirt Roller

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posted January 07, 2003 04:03 PM  
was wondering if anybody has added a heater to there parts washer, if so what type?, don't want to have to worry about fire. thanks for any suggestions

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posted January 07, 2003 05:57 PM  
i've never done it, but reading this topic made me think of being a kid back on the farm. We used heaters in the stock tanks to keep the water from freezing. Check tractor supply or some other ag center. It might not make the solvent 70 degrees, but then again some of the stock heaters are for 500 gallon tanks.......

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posted January 07, 2003 09:39 PM  
What about one of those heaters from a tropical fish tank? They're cheap and they'll heat a 55 gallon aquarium to 80 degrees. The one I have is fully submerged with only the cord coming out of the tank.

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Dirt Freak

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posted January 07, 2003 11:08 PM  
I used an electric hot water heater element in mine. Threaded the tank and used a pipe fitting, then s---wed the element into that fitting. Also used a hot water heater thermostat. Set it at 140-145 degrees. This worked fine until I gave up on the environmentally friendly water based (Simple Green) type of solvent. It just wouldnt work well enough on heavy grease and dirt. Went back to naptha. I use a chevy oil filter on the intake side of my pump. Oh by the way, my parts washer tank is plastic! SLEEPY

Rick D
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posted January 08, 2003 03:30 PM  
You can also use a block heater type fluid heater. Most truck parts places have then, self contained that will go onto a heater hose , or the loop style that threads into the block similar to what sleeply has. Just make sure you get the proper voltage ( 110 or 220)

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