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Author Topic:   3rd gen Camaro as a Street Stock?
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posted December 09, 2005 10:41 PM  
Ohsweken modified its rules a bit to allow shorter wheelbase cars this season, and an '82 Camaro has come up as a strong possibility. It's already built, a 4 cylinder class car, sans engine of course.

Has anyone successfully campaigned one of these on dirt? My experience is all with conventional g-body/metric chassis. These things have struts up front and a 3 link the back with a torque arm. I'm kinda concerned about front end geometry, how am I supposed to get the desired camber/caster? Out back, since we have to keep stock parts, I'm assuming it'll be reasonably simple to set up using weight jackers just like a g-body...

EDIT: "At the meeting is was discussed that the strut cars are allowed steel caster and camber plates."

Well that answers the HOW ... so anyway, has anyone had success with this chassis?

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posted December 10, 2005 09:30 AM  
thanks, looks like there are a few threads...


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