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Author Topic:   Jammin's videos in tool box
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posted December 06, 2005 12:42 AM  
The other day I finally noticed the small MENU icon in the upper left corner of the main page. I spent hours playing around, until I noticed Jammins videos at the bottom.
There was a post a while back about rear end suspention bushings & drilling out one side to allow for movent of the rear end. I kninda blew this info off and thought 'how much could that really let a rear end move? and is it worth it? a rear end cant have that much force on it...'
I know that the .wmv images are of a four link, and are irrelevant to what classes we are running, but..
GOD I never knew how much flex and movement was actually involved in this area of the drive train.
Now I know this is not the type of suspention were running, nor are any of the components legal, BUT if anyone hasnt discovered these videos yet, I reccomend checking these out. (they're all the way at the bottom of the toolbox - where the good s*** always is!) For someone like myself who has the concept of chassis geometry, but little expeirience - these can be very thought provoking, and at least interesting. If you havent yet, yake a second, check it out!!

----hmmm, I wonder if his wife figured out why there was duct tape on the camcorder!lol

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[This message has been edited by crazybry46 (edited December 06, 2005).]


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