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Author Topic:   camsro frt end ?'s
maniac motors
Dirt Maniac

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posted December 02, 2005 01:47 PM  
am running a stock camaro clip sidewinder 3 link car and looking for some ideas on frt roll center placement height and side to side placement.also some ideas on bumpsteer correction. using a ds829 ctr link with long idler and long flat pitman arm.stock lowers saprice 5 on 5 spindles and tubular uppers any info would be appreciated thanks in advance

Dirt Freak

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posted December 03, 2005 11:42 PM  
some info i can give is use the factory lower ball joints, but use 10 inch tubular uppers with the raised roll center ball joints. The mounting plates we used were standard tubular moutns with 2 degrees out antidive. if you can run heims on the outers, basically with caprice spindles (we like the 94-96 caprice spindles) we ran the right tie rod arm level and the left upwards at about 2 degrees. hope this helps. we always ran straigh up camaro tube frames, never a sidewider.


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