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Author Topic:   Jr motorsports stock car roller ?
Dirt Full Roller

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posted October 27, 2005 10:22 PM  
I`m thinking of getting a stock car roller from Jr Motorsports, and the track i race at has put out there 2006 rules. There were some changes. One of the changes is with the seat location. The rules state that the "seat must be mounted a minimum of 35 inches in front of the center of the rear axle to the point where shoulder harness goes through seat".

So my ? is does anyone have a Jr Motorspotrs Stock Car Roller that could tell me this info..

Thank You, Bob

Dirt Maniac

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posted October 27, 2005 11:52 PM  
Just call them and ask.They should be able to tell you or make that modification when they build it.


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