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Author Topic:   JUST THE WAY IT GOES!!!!
Steve Dupree
Dirt Freak

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posted October 26, 2005 01:50 PM  

Well was working away today when this guy came up to the shop and ask what are you doing? I said just working on these cars that i have for sale. WOW This is a nice camaro i said no its a firebird. Well how much do you want for it? So i told him and he said wow sure wish i could afford that just dont have the money. So i pointed to our other car setting in the other room. He said wow i want that! How much for that? So i told him and again he said sure wish i had the money...... So i pointed at car again!!!!! and he said What????? So i ask him cant you read? Well after calling me several names and storming out of the shop and went back to work.

Well took a break and then a friend called and told me about this race coming up this weekend. So off i went to the other room. Started checking car. Started it "mmmmmmmm" reved it a little well maybe more than a little!!!!! Sounded great so i checked tires and greased it took it out for a little spin and then washed it and started to wax it so it was ready to go... Well all happy i turned up the music and was just having fun getting ready!!!!!!!

Then the wife showed up......... Hi honey how was your day!!!!! She said nothing..... I ask what is wrong bad day or what....... No and what do you think you are doing? Well honey just getting ready for this big race this wekend and everything we make we will put towards the holidays..... Yeppers isnt that a great idea?

She pointed at the car with that look!!!!!!!!!!! I said what????????? She said cant you read !!!!!!!! LOL

Well you guys have a good one and man i miss this racing. LOL


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