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Author Topic:   What will the effects be (trailing arms)
Dirt Full Roller

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posted September 30, 2005 03:47 AM  
I redrilled the rear arms on a stock 10 bolt about 7/8 forward or the original hole when putting back on the right rear went on fine but the left one is not going so easy. What will the outcome be if it was left this way?

Dirt Freak

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posted September 30, 2005 05:48 AM  
Do not drill straight across,drill the one side then drop the arm over and use the bushing as a guide.The hole will be in a different spot on the outside versus the inside.When you shorten the arms it pulls the rearend foward which puts the mounts on the rearend in a different spot in relation to the arms,try not putting the bushings in so far on the rearend uppers.Leave them about a 1/4 of inch out from where they should normally be,and give them a little tack weld in there.


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