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Author Topic:   weights/set-up
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posted September 07, 2005 06:09 PM  
i just weighed my car. its a 72 chevelle street stock. heres the numbers:
1101-lf, 833-rf, 820-lr, 781-rr.
left 1921 54.3%
rear 1597 45.2%
cross 1652 46.7%
rear bite 38A
my springs are as followed:
950-lf 1200-rf 200-lr 225-rr
15psi 20psi 17psi 24psi.
how do these numbers look? and is there a reason why i still loose my right rear tire after about 10-12 laps? only have the scales for today, so any help, please respond asap.
thx jeff

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posted September 07, 2005 07:57 PM  
That is a very heavy car over 3500 pounds with only 45% rear. Wow. I don't know why your car is rolling the tire off the rim. Possible because of all the high weight and all the body roll. I would look at the quality of your rims. I am assuming that you can't run a beadlock so try an extreme bead wheel or something like that.


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