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Author Topic:   Calling MR steve Dupree
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posted August 29, 2005 08:11 PM  
Ok steve we got your tape this morning and needless to say its worn out there has been about 7 guys that seen your tape.

First off ALL of us up here say put more air in that right rear tire you can see tha thing laying over WAY to much.
Now we see what you mean by snapping back to the right after watching you several times it looks like when you come out of the corner easy its ok but when you are on the gas hard comming off it still wants to drive off the rr to much here are a few sugestions

put a heavier spring in the lr OR a tie down shock on the left rear.
Your car pushes a little going in and is really tight when you try to run the bottom
if you use more brake in the rear getting in you should be ok on that and run the bottom
all in all you look bad fast down the straights and getting in just need a little help getting off.

O and one more thing that everyone sayed GET UP ON YOUR CARS MAN!
you are letting them have almost a two car lead when they drop the flag on single file restarts. one thing that all the guys have taught me in the past was when you think that your close you can get closer!

Good luck and we will be sure to send you one of our tapes

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posted August 29, 2005 08:18 PM  
One more thing steve I forgot to mention if you want to try something quick and easy try this for air pressures

RF 32 RR 32
LR 20 lf 30

If the car is still to loose on exit then try
30 lbs in the lr and 24 in the lf

Steve Dupree
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posted August 30, 2005 05:45 PM  

Well i looked on hear this morning and was busy getting this other car ready atleast to show a little for our sponsors so now i will read and resond with what you wrote so everyone can read it!!!!! Who knows it might help someone else in the thought process we go through. I would love to see a cpl of tapes of you guys also. You can learn alot about watching good tapes. Ok i guess the way i need to start is fist thanks so much for your time it means alot too me and i will always give someone that gives me something double back.

Ok i agree when when downloaded to vcr to send you we seen that big time when we put it in slow mode.

Ok running low it does not do very good do to weight i would say but sometimes have to go there. In the trouphy dash that you see that we won we left our sterring wheel loose and didnt notice it till lap three. LOL DAAAAAAAAAAAA Wake up Steve

Well as far as getting closer LOL i am a true mad dog on competing and learning and these guys think i race rough. I dont think so but they do. They say i **** as far as thats conserned. Go to our website and just see the post rather we are playing with these guys or what and see what is wrote about me. We are going to stay off there for awhile unless we are complimenting a driver or have something to sell. Our site is and go to the forums to read post.

Yes if easy in it will push unless you set it and might in the middle also depending on the track. Also the tapes you seen we were running 20 in the right rear i believe. We had not started to up are preasures yet but i think we seen that same thing....... Or maybe we did on the last race you looked at as far as preasure but nomore than 25 yet.

What is a Tie down shock i would rather look stupid hear than at my track because there is very little help hear to be had. What kind of split do you think in the rear. I think we might be running a 25lb. split at the moment.

Wow you want me to go up alot on preasure ha!!!!!!!!!! lol Man this is going to be hard but i have to try it so i know. I think if i was going to try to go up that much i would have to go with second choice. But you are the GIRL and i am not going to argue that... I am hear to learn and want to know what it takes to help this car.

Ok now on a different note with what you have gave me. We have a good race coming up this weekend that is paying 500.00 to win 400.00 for second and so on and 100.00 for 8th. We have never run this track. They say it is a 3/8 mile track with hardly any banking compared to what we have at the track i showed you. We run 15% banking there at the track you see. So my ? is what do you think we need to do with this car to handle ok on a flatter track that is a little bigger and bigger corners. Will i need more stagger even if track is dryslick to turn ok what are your thoughts. We have beat there track points leader at our track just two weeks ago but this will be at his track.

Give me some ideas to go with because we want this one just for us. If i had someone setting up car i probally wouldnt have a problem but we do just me lol Yes the wife help all week but just me when in the pits.

Lets talk through this new track i am going to run i want to go with convidence that i will be ok and fast.

Last week we finished 2nd 2nd in the trouphy dash, only three cars but they were the fastest three cars there so it did good. and we started 12th and finished 7th. We moved the 28lb.weight from the rear bumper to the right side up hi right at center of fuelcell as far as how far back it was. The car might have won if up front but we stared 12th and only went to 7th. We did beat the track leader and several cars that are infront of us but still we didnt start 28th and go to 9th. Thankyou so much and i want to share more with you and the crew. I think you guys can help me alot and we will never get to compete anyways so we are no threat to you....... LOL

Steve Dupree
PO Box 1049
Deming NM 88031
Thanks so much and please help me for this weekend
Steve Dupree

PS oh the track we are going to run is maybe that will give you some idea on the banking we are still studing it. Here is a pic today of our next year car

Dirt Freak

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posted August 30, 2005 06:58 PM  
Wow Steve my eyes are still going from reading all that LOL

Ok first thing a tie down shock does what it says it ties down that side of the car keeping it on that corner of the car SO in otherwords if you put it on the lr it will keep the lr down on exit plus it will also loosen you up just a bit going in wich you could stand a little anyways.

by watching the tape I wouldnt say you ruff drive its just that I guess they must race different down there cause when they get to the corner they all STOP and you NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to go in hard to keep your car from pushing. Whats funny is that they are just in your way its not your fault that your faster then them and they wont get out of the way!!

please do me a favor and do try them air pressures. This is kind of like telling a kid no he cant have candy in a candy store BUT once you tell them and BEAT it into them LOL long enough they get the Idea that hmmmm guess they know best.
there will be people argue with you all day long on tire pressures and that fine but when they argue with them just ask them HAY WHERE DID YOU FINISH HMMMMMMM!!!!

as for going to another track I know that there are a couple of tracks here they we have run at that are 1/3 mile and some 1/4 mile and we run the same gear at both and turn the same rpm and never change the car as far as setup

So if its really flat I might add a little more front stagger but If it was Me what I would do would be go to the track with the setup you have now and just see what happens in hot laps I will IM you our cell number and if you think you need to do something different then just call me.

Good luck at your track and all others!

I know that we dont have all the answers to everything and YES WE CAN BE BEAT but not very often LOL but if you would like us to take a look at one of your tapes and you think it might help then you can send us one at:

1727 hwy t 15
Knoxville,IA 50138

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posted August 30, 2005 07:09 PM  
So your coming out to Sertoma friday, look forward to meeting you. Sertoma doesn't have the banking of Las Cruces and our track has longer turns so you can carry more speed. Sertoma is also more of a "D" shape - the back straightaway isn't exactly straight. They are talking about 30 - 35 laps, so I would recommend setting up for dry slick. We don't run as much gear as you guys do. We run anywhere from a 6.00 to a 6.33, some have gone as low as 6.50. I hear that some of your drivers are geared as low as 7.00. Oh, Sertoma's website is
For the most part the Las Cruces cars do real well at Sertoma, Matt Higby came out and was almost unbeatable. If you can get your hands on a 4412, you may want to bring it with you. Anyone running a 4412 will have to run at 3200 lbs. And from what I've read of your other post, that wont be a problem for you. Martin Robinson would be a great person to talk to about setting up for Sertoma. He's always ran good here and at Las Cruces, so he would have a better idea of what changes to make. I've never ran Las Cruces - my car's not legal for your rules. I'm building a super for next year and I'm making it legal for Sertoma, Las Cruces and EL Paso. See you friday, and good luck.

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posted August 31, 2005 09:00 AM  
you might want to go to the website and check out the street stock rules. That's not a misprint about any D.O.T. approved 60 series tire. I run 275/60's on the rear and either 255/60's or old IMCA "dirt" tires on the front. If you can get your hands on some 60 series tires, it would be to your advantage. If you have any questions about being legal, call the track - it will ring through to the track manager's cell phone. I wouldn't go out and buy new ones though, Sertoma is looking at going to Las Cruces rules next year.

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posted August 31, 2005 05:25 PM  
steve when we raced the supertrucks over in sertoma i ran the same gear as i run in cruces and turned the exact same rpm so there is no need for gear changes

Steve Dupree
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posted August 31, 2005 06:50 PM  
Thanks Mike9 we are going to try and give them **** this friday !!!!!!! lol I really think this ford might just shine there with no banking and its weight.

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posted August 31, 2005 08:57 PM  
I wouldn't say no banking we do have banking just not anything like SNMS. I run sertoma weekly 38Y street stock and have been to SNMS 4 times as a super due to different rules my set up for sertoma works fine but my buddy that runs super all the time and has weight jacks tightens up the car just a little to run SNMS. Hope to see you on friday.

Steve Dupree
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posted September 01, 2005 04:53 PM  
Well hope mother nature agrees with all and everyone has a great and safe nite. I think we are ready to come play on your track and see just how we can do. Goodluck too all and may the best car win. Steve Dupree


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