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Author Topic:   Body Roll/RR bite
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posted August 25, 2005 03:07 AM  
I've been experimenting with different ride heights and rear spring heights. Trying to get our IMCA stock car to work better. I was curious what others thought.

From 1990-1997 before moving to 360/410 sprints we ran in this class with lots of success. Early on we ran the car high with lots of body roll then the last couple of years we ran really low ride heights with softer springs.

In our first year back we've battled forward bite problems. My driver loves lots of LR bite. Loves a pushy racecar so he can steer it through the corners with the brakes/throttle.

We'e got a ton of lead in the car mostly on the LR. My question is what do others like to do as far as ride heights, body roll and RR bite.

Do you think I can have too much LR bite and it's making the RR skate coming off the corners when it's slick so maybe I just need to add some more RR bite when it get's slick as well?


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posted August 25, 2005 03:02 PM  
My driver is the same he loves to have a lot of forward bite coming off the corners.

We run around a hundred or 150 pounds of bite. Our biggest problem is getting the car into the corner. For springs we run:
1000/1200; 225/200. We were running a 225/175 in the rear but he couldn't get the car into the corner fast enough (too loose).

Our biggest problem with a lot of bite is getting the car into the corner. We have found that the more bite the looser the car is going in and tighter it is coming off and vise/versa.

Note: If you can afford new tires or have new tires on your car, run the 1000/1200; 225/175 with 150 pounds of bite and the car will be good in but completely awesome off and in the middle.

Depending on your track most guys are not using their brakes alot right now. If you are on the brakes alot you are probably not going to be fast and are going to be getting drilled on entry.


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