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Author Topic:   caster camber in 76 camero street stock
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posted August 10, 2005 09:37 PM  
curently running LF -1 camber +1 caster RF -1 1/2 camber and + 1 1/2 caster how far pff am I it's on a 76 camero street stock I run on a medium banked 3/8 mile track. outside of right front tire looks like it's getting abosed pretty bad.

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posted August 11, 2005 12:04 AM  
if the RF outside of the tire is wearing then you need to increase the RF's camber. Maybe instead of 1 1/2 go with 3 degrees. Get a pyrometer and check your tire temps, it is a VERY good diagnostic tool.

Dirt Maniac

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posted August 11, 2005 10:43 AM  
I hope those are typos, RF should be negative camber, LF positive.
my 81 Camaro I use RF - 3degree
LF + 1-1/2 degree

Previous post is right on. Pyrometer is an invaluable tuning tool. I like the laser type now, I own both types; a box with a cord and a laser type. The laser type is really easy to use.

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posted August 11, 2005 09:15 PM  
Those number's aren't typos. here's the deal behind this car I bought it right off the track from a guy last year he also runs a modified and was wanting to consintrate on his modified so he was selling his street stock. He won almost everytime he had the car on the track my sponsor believes in buying a front running car and taking all the measurmints so if something happens we know where it was originally. I got wrecked pretty well last week and the right side numbers didn't change but the left side numbers went to o camber and 0 caster so i added shimms and now at -1 camber and +1 caster on the left amd -1 1/2 camber and + 1 1/2 caster on the right the only difference from the original settings are caster was +.50 instead of +1 on left front. My thinking is since he drives a modified he could drive a car that isn't set up properly better then I can. I've improved drastically since the begining of the season and and usually a front runner although I haven't won yet this year.

Anyone know of a cheap pyrometer on the market?

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posted August 17, 2005 09:50 AM  
You can buy an offset upper control arm shaft from you local auto parts stores. I have had a problem with getting positive camber in the lf in a camaro i used to own. with the offset shaft you can usually get about +1 camber in the left front with about +4 caster and I used to alway run about -3 camber in the RF with + 6 caster. If the outside of your RF is badly abused you don't need a tire temp gauge, YOU NEED MORE CAMBER, try it at -3 and adjust acordingly.

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