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Author Topic:   Rochester 2-Barrel problems
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posted August 08, 2005 08:59 AM  
Had carb problems this weekend. Saturday car ran terrible, big hesitation and no power. Took carb off and saw that the float was stuck so it couln't go down. The little retainer wire had wedged against the rod that float rides on. Moved retainer wire out of the way and car seemed to run well. Sunday car ran well except for twice during the feature car started cutting out coming out of the corner. Looking for ideas on what to look for when I take carb apart.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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posted August 08, 2005 08:35 PM  
one more thing to look for would be float level you could have bumped it

Or what type of fitting do you use going into the carb? If you use the stock one but just cut it off this isnt really a good thing to do you can go to your local parts store and ge the right fitting you need for less then a buck.
point iam getting at here is that when you slip the hose over the end you get rubber chunks in the carb and can have all kinds of problems I know I have done it LMAO

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posted August 09, 2005 04:49 PM  
make sure the acel. pump is working


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