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Author Topic:   84 Cutlass frame
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posted August 06, 2005 01:58 PM  
I am just starting out and this is all new to me. I have an 84 cutlass with a rusty rear frame rail on the drivers side behind the rear tire. The track rules state this "Rear of frame behind rear tires, from a point no further forward than one inch behind factory seam, may be replaced in OEM location with two inch by three inch steel tubing with .095 inch wall thickness. Factory seam must remain visible." I am a little confused here because dont all factory seams run the length of the frame and not side to side? What frame seam are you able to replace 1 inch behind? Plus once you replace the bad frame with square tube, how will the factory seam reamain visible since the seam will be gone? Hope someone can explain this.

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posted August 06, 2005 02:02 PM  
im pretty sure they are talking about the rear cross member. just wack it off behind that and youll be fine

Clyde Torkel
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posted August 06, 2005 04:23 PM  
Check before you cut. The 'seam' is not really a seam. It is a mark probaly made in the forming die when the chassis rail was made. It is a vertical mark almost the width of the frame rail. Look for it behind the rear crossmember area. If I remember correctly it might be hideden by the tire.

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posted August 06, 2005 06:10 PM  
clyde is right there is a seam that looks like a small weld where the rail comes cack down on the frame take some flat steel and cap off the end then weld your 2x3 to that even with the bottom will have about an inch on the top because that rail is 4x2 there and then flattenes out to 2x3 i'll post a pic in the morning of the one i just did they should be like 29 inches long go straight back and connect the ends with another piece pretty simple once you see one done


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