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Author Topic:   Help!!! Shearing Tie Rod ends!!!!
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posted July 06, 2005 04:43 PM  
I have a metric chassis car its ride height is set at around 6 in the front and 7 in the rear.It has 3/16 toe out on the right side ,Stock mount Pro Shocks all the way around.I have 1000 rf 900 lf and 175 springs in the rear.The track is 5/8 mi low banked clay and typically its dry slick.The car handles great.The problem is that when the track gets rough the car shears off the outer tie rod ends typically at the end of the race.I think under compression its hitting the frame but im not sure and also it shears the tie rod it does not pull the ball out of the socket.Has anyone ever had this problem before??I was thinking maybe to change the spring rates like 100 all the way around but would that mess with the handleing of the car??I really dont want to notch the frame it that spot kinda scares me.Any help would be greatly apprieciated.Thanks in advance .Enduro 80

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posted July 06, 2005 06:17 PM  
hummm.....I seen on this forum the other day that the Peirce Mods use an INNER tie rod end from a 1980 Camaro. It said that tie rod had a 1" drop and would give more clearence in the area you are having problems. You might want to go down to Auto Zone or something and take your current inner tie rod and see the difference. If it does have a 1" drop it should fix your problem. Hope that helps!

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posted July 07, 2005 08:01 AM  
If you can. try 7 in lf, 7 1/2 lr, 8 rr, and 7 1/2 to 8 in rf. A metric handles a little better at those heights.

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posted July 08, 2005 08:11 AM  
the prob. with the camaro on one side and metric on the other is the diameter is different. Pierce gets away with it because the other half of the tierod is a swedge tube and a heim. you have to be careful putting different makes of tierods on because of the difference in tappers on your spindle and drag link.


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