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Author Topic:   plz help lol worst weekend in my life...
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posted June 20, 2005 11:45 AM  
ok guys i have another question after the heat race my oil pressure droped down to about ten .... when i idoled it up it would get to like 30 but no higher so i didnt race in the feature ..... cus i didnt know wut the problem was ..... i also over heated in my heat race wut could have causeed that and also my car want idol worth a **** anymore so i took the carb apart and cleaned it it has some dirt and rust in it i guess from the fuel cell when i ran low on fuel ..... so i cleaned it and put a new main jet in it cus it need replaceing but it still want idol .... this weekend was the worst weekend ever .... my rear end messed up too i have a whoel in the bottom of it i went to crank it up to put it on the trailor and moved foward bout two foot and it wouldnt go no futher .... but i m gonna try to get it back run with yalls help .........

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posted June 20, 2005 02:00 PM  

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posted June 20, 2005 03:09 PM  
run a compression test and see if you have blown a head gasket.

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posted June 20, 2005 03:21 PM  
month ago my car did the same thing/ blown head gasket. did not loose water, just compression into adjacent cylinder.

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posted June 22, 2005 11:40 PM  
first off the rear end you said it moved about 2 feet and wouldnt go any more? sounds like a torn up gear........ second you said you have oil presure problems? is you pick up welded to the oil pump? sounds like it might have came off they will work loose if not welded or will fall off in a hard wreck..... this will also make you engine get hot if its not oiling right.... on the carb problem if you are running the foam in you fuel cell it will come apart over a period of time and stop up filters..... some thing to ponder on it all.......good luck


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