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Author Topic:   FUSE BOX
redneck racing
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posted April 25, 2005 01:16 AM  
Do any of you run a fuse box in your cars or just wire it straight up without one? Eddie

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posted April 25, 2005 07:25 AM  
I use 1 25 amp circuit breaker for everthing. They reset themselves if they get tripped. If a fuse blows, your're screwed.

Gas right. Brake left. No bumping.

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posted April 25, 2005 11:44 AM  
I use a fuse block and carry extras in the tool box. However, if a fuse blows, there is something wrong more than a blown fuse or tripped circuit. A friend accidently pinned the alternator output under a valve cover a few years ago and it fried my entire wiring "harness". I'll never wire a car without protection, be that fuses or breakers.

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posted April 25, 2005 05:55 PM  
When it comes to problems you can have in a race car, I'll take a blown fuse over a burned up car every time.

Ego Racing
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posted April 26, 2005 01:01 PM  
Originally posted by racer17j:
no need for fuses just one more thing that can go wrong that can be avoided

This is from someone who has never had a wiring harness fire! I was at a track where a shorted wire melted into the fuel line and ignited the engine area of the car. I saw it in the pits after and he lost the carb, Dist fuel pump and all of the electrical stuff on the motor. And the intake and head were cracked from the cold water hitting them when they were hot, that was not to mention the fiberglass body (asphault car) and that was all you could see from standing 8 feet away looking at it. About 3 months later when he got out of the Hospiital and fixed the car he told us the MSD and Tach were fried from the short and his radio burned up in the fire. His new car had fuses in it. A Main one on the battery terminal and a fues panel in the car.

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posted April 26, 2005 05:11 PM  
Murphys Law...

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posted April 26, 2005 06:25 PM  
O Eddie just twist the wires together and let her go LOL

why not fuse box make sure it is mounted so that viberation dont rattle it appart

if every thing is under control your not fast enough

dee 61
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posted May 01, 2005 05:30 PM  
Thats what I thought bud, just seen a fuse box in a racer and thought what the heck. Eddie


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