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Author Topic:   Chevy 10 bolt help
Blind Barney
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posted April 04, 2005 09:29 AM  
I have an 81 Pontiac Grand Prix Hobby Stock. The car has a Chevy 10 bolt rearend with 273 gears that I would like to change. I went to the junkyard and found an 80's S10 and took the gears which are the 342's with the matching 7.5 ring gear. Firstly, I know nothing about rear ends. We put everything in and it fits just fine and we have a good contact pattern between the ring and the pinion. All is well but when the mini spool is in there is too much play so we were going to put in some extra 'side gear thrust washers' to take up the play. A guy at 'The Gear Centre' told me that we cannot do this because the case is different. He said <308 and >323 need a different case. As far as we can tell everything fits in with only a shimming problems. Will this work or no?

Dirt Maniac

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posted April 04, 2005 09:41 AM  
I would think the actual case would be the same, I know some carriers are different. I have an 86 Monte that had like 2.43s in it. I bought a complete carrier with 3.73s off Ebay, have no idea what it was out of. The carrier, gears, etc... looked different than the one that was in there but everything went in fine...


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