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Author Topic:   How to use a caster camber gauge?
Dirt Thief
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posted March 31, 2005 05:09 PM  
I know what to set it at, but how do you use a caster camber gauge? I need step-by-step instructions. I mean like with crayons and manilla paper...if you know what I mean.

Any and all help will be appreciated more than you can imagine!

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set your camber first.

camber is just read on the gauge while the wheels are straight.


put some cardboard under your front tires so they will turn easier. or use two 1 x1 pieces of metal with grease in between.

you do one side at a time.

turn your wheel out away from the motor 20 degrees then use the nob on the bott of the gauge to get the bubble in zero.

turn your wheel in 20 degrees and read the caster.

add shims to the back a arm bolt to increase caster.
add or remove as needed to get what you want.

your camber wont change much unless you pull or add a bunch of shims from one bolt or the other.

the best way is to try and maintain all the shims you started with in there. that way no matter which bolt they are on your camber is still the same.

thats it

most gauges have the edge shaped so if you turn so that is parallel to your body your at 20 degrees. first couple times youll want to put a straight edge on it to help you see it.


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