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Author Topic:   losing my right rear tire
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posted February 26, 2005 06:26 PM  
i was just wondering why i keep losing my right rear tire. would the rear spring rates have any thing to do with it? the car handles great during hott laps and heat races. during the main it gets alittle loose, cause the track starts to dry out, but it stays on the rim for 10-12 laps, then every race it comes off. ive tried different air pressures, from 20-28 psi and still lose weights are as followed: LF 1068 w/15psi, RF 912 w/20 psi,LR 908 w/17 psi, RR 756 w/24 psi.cross wt is 49.9 left is 54.2 and rear is 45.6. im not sure what it all means, im new to this scaling thing, i borrowed them to get some numbers. any help for u would be great . thx guys

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posted February 26, 2005 06:48 PM  
im running street tires 255/60/15. beadlocks are not aloowed. ive thought of using tubes. just wondering about may %'s would this cause me to lose my tire, or would the spring rates have anything to do with it?

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posted February 26, 2005 07:32 PM  
I run tubes also and have not had that problem since. I also run a little higher than 18, usually between 19-22.
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posted February 26, 2005 08:22 PM  
If you like the way it handles, leave it alone. Just add a tube on that side. Dont forget to put some powder in there though!!

I would say you are getting good to great side bite and just warming the tire up. that far into the race the bead is just more pliable and/or slippery from the heat and slipping off.

I ALWAYS run tubes on the right side, just because I dont wanna NOT finish a race because of a prventable flat tire.....

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posted February 27, 2005 06:41 AM  
bigcity, if u go to the inner tube and it still is (rolling the tire off the wheel) i suggest the extreme bead wheel that speedway has. The bead seat cicumference is larger to prevent the tire from rolling off. We ued them and still have them. The inner tube is a good idea but i hated messing with them. JMO

rico 08
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posted February 27, 2005 07:06 AM  
I agree with turnleft you need a wheel with a safety bead on the outer rim shell
this kinda locks the tire to the bead surface and they are designed for no beadlock rules
i actually unbeaded the rr one night and the tire beaded on the safety bead so i was able to finish the race
marsh racing wheels have the best IMHO

Steve Dupree
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posted February 27, 2005 07:36 AM  
Hi there well it seems like you and i have simular weight but as far as your tire problem. Aero wheels have a nice inner bead and run like 49.00 a wheel also any tire shop should have what they call beadlock it is a liquid and is leagal. We run that bead lock on all tires and never have a problem even on are none aero wheels.

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posted February 27, 2005 07:30 PM  
I agree with using tubes. When mounting the tires with tubes use baby powder and make sure you dont pinch the tube anywhere or pinch the valve stem. Good luck!

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posted February 27, 2005 08:53 PM  
wow u guys run high psi's i start at 9 on the lf and work up around the car to 15 on the rr i have never run over 15 psi and have not had any problem with a tire going down cause of it spining the tube or anything like that and we r not allowed bead locks

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posted February 27, 2005 10:33 PM  
scuff up the surface of the wheel where the bead sits,no shiny paint.don't use any lube to get the tire on .i run 18-20 rr no tube,and 12-15 with a bead lock,no tube.never(knock on wood)had one come about screwing the tire to the rim?also i always use bead seal,the black nasty stuff from the tire shops.hope this helps.

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posted February 28, 2005 06:18 AM  
Check your shock on the RR. If itís shot it could cause this or even break something.

- When in doubt, hit the gas.

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posted February 28, 2005 04:20 PM  
i have run 9 to 15 psi in both race tires and street tires im now running the races tires full time because we can but even with the dot street tires i used a good tube and baby powder and never had a problem at the low pressures lots of bite. car weighs 3200lbs when i ran the fist year i ran no tubes and had to keep the pressures up around 20 to 22 on the outside but the bite is just not the same so i tryed the tubes and will not run with out them now

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posted February 28, 2005 08:01 PM  
for street rubber i run manly uniroyal tiger paws.with the bias ply racing rubber and a bead-lock 10-12 rr and 8-10 left rear.

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posted March 01, 2005 05:59 PM  
if you have a good tire machine to change tires with an old trick we used to use especially when the track got rough. would be to coat the outter rim bead with indian head gasket sealer. inflate it and let it dry over night in warm area. it won't come off and you will need a machine when you get ready to change the tire.

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posted March 02, 2005 06:33 AM  
I've had trouble with anything less than 28lb in the rr. Tubes would only last about 2 nites before the stem broke. Wound up welding a bead on the bump all the way around the wheel. Now can run as low as 24psi. DOT tires.

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posted March 02, 2005 07:42 PM  
when i mounted my tires all i ever used was water and a mild soap. i change all my tires by hand. the best thing i have found to help bread the bead is window cleaner adn then after u have the tire off cleean it up with water and soap and scuff it with a wire brush then it is ready for remounting lots of baby poweder in the tire and it will also help keep from tearing the steam. if the tire moves a little will not drag the tube with it.


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