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Author Topic:   Headers
Dirt Freak

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posted January 16, 2005 10:46 AM  
What headers seem to fit a 78-88 metric the best. Also I have a dual kickout pan, I know that interferes with some headers.

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted January 16, 2005 11:28 AM  
Good luck, they pretty much all **** unless you run shorty's. Schofields are the worst ones ive tried yet. Actually the best fitting one's ive had were flowtechs from autozone.

redneck racing
Dirt Forum Champ
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posted January 16, 2005 07:34 PM  
I agree with Walton I use flowtechs and really like them only difference is mine are from Checker Auto. Eddie

Dirt Freak

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posted January 16, 2005 08:20 PM  
I forgot to mention my motor is setback about 2 inches, #1 spark plug is just in front of the upper ball joint. Will the flowtech's still work?

sc1 racing
Dirt Freak

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posted January 17, 2005 12:09 AM  
flow techs will work. we run our #1 spark plug even with ball joint and they fir will have to beat the firewall in just a litle on the pass side...maybe..but as long as engine is sitting level you will have no problem..

its a shame a set of 79.99 headers fit better than a 200.00 set...

Dirt Freak

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posted January 17, 2005 12:43 AM  
I ran Shoenfield headers last year and need to get new ones. They were the High Velocity headers about $210. Do the flowtechs have something similar to the high velocity's that Schoenfield has?

if it ain't fun, then don't run

Dirt Freak

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posted January 17, 2005 07:25 PM  
my schoenfelds fit my chassis fine...what i dont like is how close the sparkplug was to the tube on my #3 and #6 cyl's.....i just happen to be close to their factory 1 day so i took them back and the factory supervisor there told me that they had some jigs that were wrong or something and a bad batch of headers were shipped, send em back to schoenfeld if they dont fit good, they treated me right

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted January 18, 2005 04:14 AM  
The jig they used on mine must have been off then, b/c I have to take the motor mounts loose and lift the engine up to get the headers in.

Dirt Roller

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posted January 18, 2005 11:00 AM  
The flange warps on my Schoenfelds and then they don't seal.I'll switch brands next time.

Dirt Freak

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posted January 18, 2005 03:15 PM  
Anyone have th part nub,er for the flowtech headers please

Dirt Freak

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posted January 18, 2005 03:22 PM  

Dirt Freak

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posted January 19, 2005 12:45 PM  
dont be afraid to ck with holley on their afterburner headers, they fit easily on setbacks and holley says they're the perfect app for street stock. reasonable priced too

Dirt Maniac

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posted January 19, 2005 02:33 PM  
schoenfelds work great on my '80 malibu. And i run the big tube with three and a half inch collectors. "full length"

Dirt Roller

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posted January 19, 2005 09:19 PM  
I like the Flow techs with #1 spark plug even the ball joint they fit like they were custom made for the car, you even have starter clearance. Try this

Dirt Roller

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posted January 20, 2005 04:14 PM  
We run dynatech clip headers if you can exhaust behind the tires. They last a lot better than Schoenfeld. Our Scholenfeld that ran under the floor pan were a big ***** to get in and out, loosening motor mounts, and then to get to the starter. Let alone the extra heat underneath.


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