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Author Topic:   Caster and camber
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posted January 05, 2005 02:21 PM  
How much caster and camber are you guys running ive been running about 8 degrees of camber on the right front and 3 degrees on the left front and about 5 degrees og caster on the right front and 2 degrees on the left front. JUST WONDERING WHAT YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN RUNNING I THINK IVE GOT TWO MUCH

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posted January 06, 2005 03:34 PM  
That sounds like a lot. I usually run about 3 in the right front and 1 the other way on the left front for camber. i don't remember where i had my caster set but 5 degrees sounds a little bit high. i am on 1/4 and 3/8 banked dirt tracks.

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posted January 08, 2005 04:35 AM  
6410: Your car HAS to turn an immediate left when you let go of your wheel!!! Does it PUSH going down the straights? I agree that is an awful lot. I run simular to what Speedracer92 has. I am playing around with steering geometry this year, and will maybe even run less camber on right front. The car gets a little too dicy now and again, and it can make it hard to straighten up for the pull down the straights. Good luck!!!

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posted January 11, 2005 06:18 AM  
Camber -- we got real close to the tire temps we wanted on a 1/2 high bank track at 4 1/2 (positive) on left front and 1 1/2 (negative) on the right front.

Caster...1 1/2 left and just make sure it's staggered 2 deg, or so, with an extra 1/4" shim on the right. (These are both positive...and too much (6+ degrees) can be bad too.

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