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Author Topic:   spring help
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posted December 31, 2004 09:59 AM  
just read an article in cicle track were a softer spring might create less over steer, we have stock springs 5 x 14 we need to drop the car 3" does anyone know what the spring rate would change i've been told 50# per coil is that correct.thought i might try this instead of 1050 fr 950 lf.

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posted December 31, 2004 11:07 AM  
Go to the pull down menu. There is a place to figure spring rates by active coils and wire diameter. BIGG C

dirt poor racing
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posted January 03, 2005 08:27 AM  
thanks it is a 92 t bird our class runs 3400 # we ran an 80 tbird last year with 1050 rf 950 lf i just wanted someone alses opion. thanks....

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posted January 03, 2005 09:15 AM  
Get Racing Springs! Don't ever run stock springs (unless that is the only spring allowed by your track rules). This is a DUMB post, but,... the one thing I did last race season was to buy (mucho bucks) and play with different spring rates for my GM metric. I really was amazed at the difference. Check some archives for maybe other Ford freaks who are running similar to what you are.

P.S. The first drag car I ran was a 68 Mustang with a 289, 351 headed fire breathin' dragon that kicked serious **** on the 1/4 mile!!! I like diversity. Run what you brung baby!!! How'd my brother and I get it so fast compared to the other 'stangs and GM, Mopoop stuff that we beat? Shocks and leaf spring/ladder bar set-ups. We didn't have the money for bigger and badder motors so,... I call it super tuning. Take everthing you have available to adjust, and get it so that it is performing at it's peak optimum range. Sound simple? It can be a very tedious adventure, but well worth the efforts when you realize (feel) the difference!!! Iy's all about time well spent. Good luck in 2005!

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