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Author Topic:   Motor
Dirt Freak

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posted December 27, 2004 06:31 PM  
Ok I know everyone asks this ? all the time, so I going to do it one mortime for myself. I want to build a new motor and I'm looking to build a 406 or 383. I have a set of 186 heads,(202, 16 valves 1.46 springs, screw in studs and guide plates and a girdle) so I am building bottom end only. I want to run no more than 7000 rpms on a dirt oval 3/8 inside 5/8 outside with 15 degress banking on the corners and I believe they said it would have 10 on the straights. Not many rules on the motor but I cant run aluminuim head or block . Can run race fuel, roller cam, any carb. I do how ever have a small budget. I want to run a 6 inch rod and a lighter piston and a little octane(maybe a mix of super and race fuel) I would like to keep the cost down on buying fuel everyweek. So not to much compression. I am looking to buy a eagle rotating assemblie balanced. So any advice, I dont know alot about this so dont blow my head off with info(lol) . I had a 355 last year and run on super and about 6500 to 6800 rpm. I have several blocks intakes and carbs so I will only be buying bottom end internal parts and machine work.


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