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Author Topic:   Gm steering box problem for Mod.(Not a 605 box)
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posted December 23, 2004 11:16 AM  
What causes it to binding up when turning from side to side it has a hard spot in both direction. I have change pumps and diffrent boxes and have had the same results The only thing I didnt change is the fitting that screws into the pump I had to us the same one in both pumps I tried. Just wondering if I need to do something to the box to correct this problem. And this is also at higher rpms

Dirt Maniac

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posted December 23, 2004 11:39 AM  
I would disconnect the pitman arm to isolate the linkage from the box. It may be a bind in steering linkage i'm thinking. If the bind is still present i'd suspect a bearing or bushing in the box. I've not had good luck rebuilding them, i've found it easier to swap for a warrantied part at the parts store. Most have a lifetime warranty.

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posted December 23, 2004 11:55 AM  
cant remember for sure if they have a detent when they are centered or not. Is that what it feels like. Is it about the same number of turns from one side or the other to the hard spot. Might be the center of the box then.

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posted December 23, 2004 01:52 PM  
mine started doing something kinda like that before the last night of racing. on the trailer it looked like the power steering fluid leaked out ot the steering box. i had to fill the pump back up and started it and turned the wheels and it was hard to steer. it wasn't like the power didn't work, it felt real sluggish. after the feature that last night my arms were wore out. but it doesn't look like it has leaked any more

rico 08
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posted December 24, 2004 07:06 AM  
Try backing the preload adjustment off a little,remove the drag link from the pitman first..


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