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Author Topic:   Street Stocks on Tour?
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posted December 20, 2004 04:06 PM  
I have been seeing a lot of posts about a Midwestern Street Stock Series on 4M. Most of the posts are from Dirtcar1USA. It looks like he may actually be able to get his idea off the ground. What do you guys think about a series that would involve about 10 or 12 tracks-all within a days drive of one another?

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posted December 22, 2004 04:39 AM  
No opinions? I thought dirt racers had an opinion on just dang near everything!

Dirt Roller

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posted December 22, 2004 10:25 AM  
i think thats a great Idea,I think the raceing is better in the street ranks.

to bad everyone around here are straight liners.
I need to move to P.A.

Dirt Maniac

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posted December 22, 2004 08:54 PM  
I think it's a great idea. I've tossed that around in my head on many occaisions. The benefits, both large and small, to having such a series are way too numerous to list out here.

BUT, unless you are talking about using IMCA rules at tracks who already run IMCA rule stocks, the odds of it ever happening are slim at best. Hopefully someone will succeed at the impossible and pull it off. The biggest hurdle are the tracks themselves. One of the great things about a late model series or a modified series coming to town is that the local boys can race against them as the rules are generally the same or very similar. When you take a look at factory stock rules across the country or even just across one region (again, aside from the upper midwest where IMCA stock rules seem to be prevelant), the rules run from one end of the spectrum to the other. A track would almost have to change their rules to be aligned with that series and most won't for the same reasons as they don't have common rules with neighboring tracks already. The main reason is that they don't want to see "their" cars going off to some other track... they want those cars to stay right where they are so that their car count doesn't go down. What they fail to realize though is that just as cars are able to leave track A to compete at tracks B, C and D, other competitors would be able to come from tracks B, C and D to track A so in reality their total car count really wouldn't be going down like they fear.

I look at how the IMCA modified rules have spread so well across the country and although their stock class rules aren't EXACTLY my idea of the perfect rules set (no set of rules would ever be perfect for everyone anyhow), perhaps they will continue to spread and become the basis for the rules at most tracks just as the modified rules are. If that happens then I'm sure you'd see several local and regional touring series.

If nothing above makes sense then just disregard as it is late and I'm trying not to think too hard.

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posted December 23, 2004 05:35 AM  
I agree with blane. Personally I would love to tour a bit and check out different tracks around the midwest. We have factory stock cars come to the track where I run, and because of our rules being rather liberal most of them don't fair too well. It's the rules thing that I believe will be the biggest obstacle to getting it to work. Give it a try, why not? The mod and late model guys can't have all the fun touring you know!

if it ain't fun, then don't run

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posted December 24, 2004 05:20 PM  
I've been on 4m myself i done said if they get the points set straight i'd put my name in on the series and compete in it. the rules will be hard to come by but hopefully they'll manage to get em straight. only thing i didnt like was the 2 barrel carburator. but hopefully that will vary track to track. cause where we race at we're allowed to run 4 barrel carbs. but it'll take it's time to set out and stuff lets just be patient.

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posted December 24, 2004 10:28 PM  
i'm gonna have to agree with you guys the rules very so much from one place to another it would be real hard. the imca stock car is a good package except for that dumb 350 carb we run imca except for the carb we have an open 2 brl rule and the speeds are alot faster and more passing going on with our cars then the frieght train imca cars. back in the day before holley slipped brett some cash they had a napa winners series for imca stock cars and those were some of the best races i have seen. a couple other problems is drawing a good crowd to pay decent with stock cars as the main event and getting a nite where guys aren't running for track points, they had alot of wed nite show in that series and thats hard to pulla guy 3 hrs from home to race and haveto be to work at 7 am the nextmorning.guys in the midwest have a few good shows to hit next year under usra rules 10 grand to win in oskaloosa ia and they have some 5k shows i believe that if you win puts you in the field for the 10k show


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