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Author Topic:   Camaro Build up Question #4
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posted December 19, 2004 04:58 PM  
I am having a brain phart concerning the location of the radiator. I want it to set just barly in front of the steering box and behind the plastic nosepiece. Would someone be kind enough to give me a location of the height of the bottom of the radiator to the bolt on the lower a-frame? I am worried that I will get it too low and have interference issues with the fan and the upper hose. I am using the standard 19" X 27" aluminum radiator.

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John, its going to depend on your motor height.

I just raised mine a inch and a half yesterday so I could make my shrouds centered from now on instead of up 2 inches on the top.

put your dummy block in and water pump then center it on that both ways.

I ran my pavement one half inch from the box but on dirt I left about 3 inches clearance since theres more contact, it worked really nice because I didnt have to notch my shroud around the box..


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posted December 20, 2004 12:43 PM  
weve always dropped ours about 1 to 1 1/2 below the frame to allow for hood clearence we just cut 2 peices of 1in square tubing 1in long and weld it to the bottom of the frame and one long enough to go from side to side and make 2 stands to hold the rad from moving from front to back

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posted December 20, 2004 03:57 PM  
That's about what I have in there now. It's just tacked to the frame, in case I decide to raise or lower-after I get the motor in. I used a piece of 3/4 square tube for the down pieces and a piece of 1/2" to go across.I am weight conscious to a fault on anything that goes in front of the drivers seat. Thanks for the input.

Donnie Ross
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posted December 23, 2004 04:46 AM  
if your set back will allow it I have used a narrower rad that was mounted between steering box on left side to the frame on right this is worth a small amount of rear percent but I noticed you said you were picky about front wieght so this is a little help.

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posted December 24, 2004 03:38 PM  
i would definatly wait till you have an engine in the car so you can center it with your fan. as far as a fan shroud ive found that making a box works best. i went from running 220-240 on the track to running 200-210 just by making a box shroud. if interested ill tell you how to do it. you can cut out the corner to fit over the gear box and use some trailer repair tape. it will never come off


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