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Author Topic:   ford talk and advice
Steve Dupree
Dirt Freak

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posted December 15, 2004 05:53 PM  

Ok i know ford5 has to know something even some of the other guys that have posted to my replys on here so here we go. We went and tested car sunday with the track all prepared and all are changes including the cam we had built and putting the car back leagal last year we had some 66 289 heads with 1.94 1.6 valves so we were exceeding are compression limit we are only allowed 9.5 and we have a huge race coming up in march that pays 1500.00 for us to win so need to very leagal. I need a little carb help i think and maybe not but i have been playing with carb and its getting better. We can run a 500 cfm carb. as long as it is a ford carb we cant run a 4412 but we improved are times from last year like a 1/2 a second a was practising with one of the fastest cars we have on are track. When the track was tacky the car lowered rpms as we were leaving the corner we run a 6.50 final gear i think a liitle lower would help its not the intake stopping the moter we put it in second and turned plenty of rpms so do you think a little lower gear would improve some. I also need to know about the tranny on getting rid of all those turning parts we run a C_4 and we run in drive but i know theres away to do the same thing to a c-4 as a power glide. Or should i run and buy a diiferent converter we are just running a stock converter now. The car is real close to being a real winner but would love the help in making it the best it can be any help would be appreciated. Thanks steve Dupree


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