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Author Topic:   Camero set up
Dirt Freak

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posted November 17, 2004 04:20 AM  
Wondering ideal wieght % for my car. car is 3000# on a 3/8 high bank track. need any more info to get better answere let me know


Dirt Maniac

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posted November 17, 2004 03:38 PM  
Your camaro should have the same good baseline percentages that everybody uses.
Get as much weight off of the front as you can possibly find;look for lots of 1 oz. savings they add up to pounds. Like all the rest of the cars you should try for 55% Leftside, 53% Rear and 50% crossweight, then you adjust crossweight to suit the conditions.
I think what you'll find most helpful is where I've experienced hardship with mine. Maybe you can use these tips building your car.
- If you don't run the stock rear bumper it's hard to get enough rear percentage.
- I have found that it is hard to get enough crossweight in mine. It seems to want more all of the time.
- I have found that the car likes the weight mass to be little higher. I made a big discovery when I raised my ballast weights about 2 inches a few years ago. I mount my rear ballast about even with the top of the tires.
- I run weight jackers in the front of mine and still can't get enough crossweight without jacking the right front way up. I tend to think a flat car is faster, so i try to keep the tilt between the RF and LF under an inch.
- You can run out of room on the LR real easy, i think a lot of arch in the LR spring might be a good idea, at least for ride height.
I've been pounding around in Camaros now for 10 years. You can PM me if you would like more specific info, photos, whatever.

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