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Author Topic:   lighter car Vs. rear%????
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posted November 11, 2004 10:19 AM  
I run an IMCA Hobby Stock we have no weight rule, but we can't add lead or any ballast. I race mostly 1/3 mile flatter tracks. Where only aloud to run 9.0 to 1 motors. not a lot of hp. I run a 22 gallon fuel cell with a stock rear bumper. The question I have is do you think I'm better off running a 16 or 12 gallon fuel cell and a rear aluminum bumper? Or leaving the 22 gallon cell and a stock bumper? Is it better to have a lighter car Vs. a heavier car with more rear%.

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posted November 11, 2004 11:34 AM  
I'd go with the better balanced car than a lighter car.
I use fuel as ballast regularly. I usually add 5 gallons or so before the main; if the track gets real shiny slick I may fill my 16 gallon fuel cell to just about full.
Can you mount your fuel cell so it can move over to the left for a dry track ? I can move mine to three different places. I have it mounted so that i need to pull 4 hitch pins, remove four bolts and the whole thing slides over. Takes less than 5 minutes to make the change.
I think a key consideration with your rules is getting every ounce off of the front of the car or even forward of the CG for that matter. Move your seat as far back, battery as far back, anything to gain rear percentage. Then you can concentrate on finding ways to get cross weight in it. I bet a sway bar would really help in the main when it's dry slick.
I've heard of people filling frame rails with lead then sealing them back up, I don't advocate that unless it's legal. In your post you said you are prohibited from adding ballast. Extra heavy size tubing might be ok, but carefully consider if you are sacrificing crushability - and your safety - for handling.

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posted November 11, 2004 05:44 PM  
Alot of people hide there lead in the frame rail,even if the rules says no lead.I guarantee you there are alot of them who are hiding it.we are allowed to run lead at are track now.About six or seven years ago you couldnt, but so many people were cheating,they decided to make it legal.cheatingis not the way you particular want to race but if you know others are doing it and getting by with it week in and week out,what are you going to do?continue to give them the advantage?I think not!Any way i would for sure run the 22 gal. cell to keep the rear percent up!


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