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Author Topic:   Rear trailing arm angles
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posted November 09, 2004 07:35 PM  
I've been searching and found some minor discussions on the topic. Problem is some people say keep the lower arms level and others say to angle them for forward bite. I was wondering what was the idea behind them being level. I understand the up hill angle theory. And next, what would the the Ideal angles on the top & bottom. Has anyone got a car to hook up better with less weight and lighter springs or heavier springs and more weight on the rear. Ex. 250lr/225 rr with weight or 200/175 less weight or 175/175. The car could weigh as little as 2800#'s if I could get it to hook up but usually raced it at 3150 with 250/225 springs.

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posted November 09, 2004 08:14 PM  
I assume that you are talking about a metric
the lowers an upward angle to the frame 5* to 10* on the LR and arround 8* for the RR
the upper contrill arm down angle to the frame 15*-20* and that will give real good forwardbite

as for the weight that all depends on how you want the car to handle. more likedriver preference I like the run the lightest spring that I can without bottoming out I do like to have 55% rear and 55% left with 70% cross and 3" of stagger this combo worksreal for my car on a 3/8 dry slick

hope this helps joetaylor

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