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Author Topic:   $799.95 TC from Speedway?!?!?
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posted November 01, 2004 08:26 PM  
Just got a flyer from Speedway today. On the back cover is a $799 "Acceleration Managment System" that hooks up to your MSD. Does this bother anyone as much as it does me? A mainstream parts supplier ADVERTISING a TC unit! Bad enough for them to be out there, but EASILY accessable? What's racing coming to?

Dirt Freak

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posted November 02, 2004 02:14 AM  
Shame on Speedway. With all the fight to keep 'traction control' out of race cars they do this. I can see that in the future it will all be legal, though. Just a matter of time?

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posted November 02, 2004 01:40 PM  
Our car has TC!!!Its called our drivers RIGHT FOOT!!!!!!!!

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posted November 02, 2004 03:27 PM  
i'm sure imca will get a cut of it and make it spec in 06


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