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Author Topic:   wedge
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posted September 30, 2004 05:57 PM  
The last time i checked the ride heights on my car it came out to be pretty level all the way around. I added two rounds to the rf and lr weight jacks and i would like to add some more. Would adding more rounds in the weight jacks help to tighten up the car or have i put enough in and need to go to something else ?

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posted October 02, 2004 12:32 AM  
Adding rounds to the RF and LR adds cross weight, the more cross the tighter the exit off the turns but it will loosen it up going in. The best advice I can give you is either get a good set of scales or find a fellow racer with a set thats willing to help. Without them you are shooting in the dark and hoping to hit something. Then after you weigh it out you can post your problems and wheel weights and we can give you a more accurate fix.


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