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Author Topic:   what chassis works for you??
maniac motors
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posted September 22, 2004 06:01 PM  
am in the process of moving up to a class called pro street which is a fabricated clip car using camaro front clip and either leaf rear or oem 4 link rear suspension i am in the northeast and wondering what the options are for chassis builders. all i can find is spraker and i cant find contact info fro anyone else in the new england area.any help would be appreciated

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posted September 22, 2004 08:18 PM  
I run a metric camero basicaly a camero stub welded to a metric rear

if every thing is under control your not fast enough

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posted September 22, 2004 08:33 PM  
I've got a decent start on a stock stub car. It's my winter project and I've been trying to pick up some pointers here on the forum. I asked myself a few questions before I started and decided to go with the rear leafs over the stock four link, as I have ony those options also. Here in East Tennessee, the top cars are all metrics. But look at what's winning at Enid or Batesville....leafs. I believe the leafs are much easier to drive and afford some cushion during braking or acceleration that the coil cars don't have. So many of the Eastern tracks won't allow Camaros and Imca won't, so I asked myself "why" and decided that it had to be a combination of front end geometry, rear suspension, and wheelbase.
Good luck!

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posted September 22, 2004 11:04 PM  
here is my take on everything.
many people around here run metric frames, but the fastest cars are the nova's, when they come out and play. camaro is not legal at many of the tracks.
as far as leaf versus oem four link, from my standpoint thier is no quesion.

oem four link, limited adjustability, small thrust angles, no torgue give.
leaf springs-wrap up so they give torqu give, to keep from shocking tires, the thrust angle is much greater, if you use chrysler springs they are even better because they are shorter on the front(have been told they are 4 inches shorter) this shorter front give them an even higher thrust angle over a chevy leaf. the leafs are forgivng from the driver, you can add rear steer very easy to a leaf, static, if your alowed to move the holes slightly, then you can put the front mount holes up some more and get even more bite.
look at it this way, some winning mods use leaf springs, same thing your talking about. but no mods use a stock four link, i know some spec mods do but i mean a full usmts mod or similar.
this is just my 2 cents.
also i think many people get the metrics for street stocks, becasue they are legal everywhere, they look good, they are very easy to get, and light, even though many tracks now have wieght rules...


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