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Author Topic:   scaling a car
Dirt Full Roller

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posted September 07, 2004 05:33 PM  
does anyone know how i can scale my car
i dont know anyone who has any scales
and i'm new to racing is there any way i can guess at weight or do i need to weigh it

Dirt Maniac

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posted September 07, 2004 06:00 PM  
in the tool box i believe there are plans on building your own scale for your car using a bathroom scale. good luck

Dirt Maniac

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posted September 08, 2004 02:43 PM  
Yep the bathroom scales and the pads are the way to go - if you can't plunk a grand down on a set of electronic.
I used C5 x 6.7 channel that i had left over from building my trailer. a couple of bits of angle i had laying around. Only metal i bought was the 4 10 x 10 inch pads.
4 bathroom scales at wally world and i'm scaling my car for under $100.00. Steel prices are raising hourly, so don't wait to build em if you plan on it, it's not going to get cheaper any time soon.
I have learned that the pads/scales /floor have got to be as level as you can get. I just bought a laser level so i can get even closer to level.
Whatever you do use common sense, drive the car, record your impressions, put it on the scales and adjust accordingly. Small changes. I know my car handles better now because of improved weight distribution.


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