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Author Topic:   Tirelief by Longacre - What psi?
Dirt Maniac

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posted September 01, 2004 10:38 AM  
We have a 200 lap race (dirt) coming up next friday and are going to try some of the Longacre air pressure bleeders. If anyone has used them can you help with soem info? Do you just need the valves and tool? We're not sure if we need or want to spend $220 on a complete kit? What tire pressure wold be a good starting point? We must run DOT 70 series tires. How high do they stick up from the wheel surface? 1/4"? 1/2"? we're looking to put them on the back side of the wheel. I appreciate any help or advise.


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Dirt Maniac

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posted September 01, 2004 12:26 PM  
i've never heard anything good about the pressure relief valves, a lot of that may be from the earlier models. you might want to post on the sprint car page as i never see the valves anywhere except the sprint cars.


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